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Cordyline fruticosa

Basic information
Flower Name
Cordyline fruticosa
Formal Name
Cordyline fruticosa
Ti Tree, Cordyline Terminalis 'Katherine Ti', コルディリネ・テルミナリス, Cordyline fruticosa, Ti Tree, 千年木, Kī
evergreen shrub
Cordyline fruticosa commonly called as Ti Tree (Scientific name: Cordyline fruticosa) is native to Malaysia and is an evergreen shrub of the family Asparagaceae .
In Japanese name, it is called Sennenboku (Thousand Years Tree).
Because the leaf width is wide and the leaf color variation is beautiful, it is used as a foliage plant. Long inflorescences are stretched and fragrant small yellow to red flowers bloom.
After the flowers small spherical fruits are made and ripe red.
In Hawaii it is said to be an auspicious plant with amulet power, planted around the house, and used for burglarting the roof.
Also like bamboo leaves and bamboo leaves, it is used for wrapping cooking and for separating steam.
It is also used as a costume for the hula of the hula dance, and for the rays when welcoming the traveler.
As a souvenir of Hawaii, we sell dry stems about 8 cm in height. If you immerse in water for several days, young buds will come out.
The genus name "Cordyline" is a Latin "kordyle" (cordile), from a stick-shaped rhizome, "species fruticosa" is "shrubby", synonymus species name "terminalis" is " It means to say. There are Aichiaka in the garden cultivar.
Common name: Cordyline fruticosa,
Scientific name: Cordyline fruticosa, synonim: Cordyline terminalis cv. Ti,
aka Sennenboku (Thousand years tree), Ti Tree, Cordyline terminalis,
Origin: Malaysia, Tree Height: 200 to 400 cm,
Living Type: Semi-cold-resistant Evergreen Shrub, Leaf Shape: Wide Long Oval, Leaves Length: 30 to 60 cm, leaf width: 5 to 10 cm, leaf order: 10 crowded at the shoot apex, leaf color: green + red, leaf shape: long elliptical shape with a sharp tip to lanceola shape, watching period: anniversary ,
Inflorescence form: conical, inflorescence length: 40 to 60 cm, inflorescence length: 40 to 60 cm, flower: with aroma · yellow, white, purple, red, flower size: 1 cm, flower piece count: 6, flowering Period: November - March of the next year, anniversary in warm areas, fruit type: spherical, fruit color: red, usage method: cut flower of cut flowers, Things, planting, hydroponic cultivation, breeding methods: cutting, phot by Hawaii Big Iland.
Detailed information
C. fruticosa
Flower type
Actinomorphic Flower
Flower array
Petal shape
Leaf type
Leaf edge
Entire Fringe
Flowering place
(sub-) Tropical area
Red, Violet, Yellow, White
Jan Feb Mar Nov Dec
200  ~ 400  [cm]
1  ~ 1