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Science & Technology Inst., Co. (KAGIKEN) is a company of the software development, information processing and system construction.It gives "KAGIKEN Declaration".In the declaration, we studies Science and Technology, and are studying for the purpose of keeping the result alive in the society every day.Formerly, our company began flower illustrated web [Kagiken web] for the relaxation page which could enjoy in an interval of the work.And now, we give ‘New KAGIKEN WEB FLOWER ILLUSTRATED BOOK ( abbreviation : KaW-FIB) is what we get an excellent human resource and newly build based on a former flower illustrated web at all.

With KaW-FIB, we adopt in conformity with APG classification system adopted rapidly in the field of flower.We provide the flower information that all of visitor want to know by KaW-FIB being utilized precisely.In addition, we considered following five points when we made this web illustrated book.We hope that we have you inflect for a long time.

    1. Adopt the latest APG plant classification system
    2. Cope with Japanese, English, 3 languages of Chinese
    3. Improvement of search feature
    4. Blog, information dispatch by the special feature
    5. Laborer of the easiness in seeing
    April 1, 2017
    Science & Technology Inst., Co. (KAGIKEN) President-director Mizuho Yagishita

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