Feature Red-colored flower of October

This is the special feature of red-colored blossom blooming in October in a garden and a park, a botanical garden, a field, a mountain including cut flowers.There may be a few thing with the flower among them.

Acalypha hispaniolae_img
Acalypha cat tail
Acalypha cat tail (Scientific name: Acalypha reptans) is native to the West Indies and is non-col...
Impatiens walleriana_img
Impatiens (Scientific name: Impatiens walleriana) is native to Africa and is a non-cold-resistant...
Erythrina crista-galli_img
Crybabytree , scientific name:Erythrina crista-galli , is a broad-leaved shrub of the Fabaceae de...
Anthurium andraeanum_img
Anthurium (scientific name:Anthurium andraeanum) is a non-hardy perennials of the taro Department...
Ixora duffii_img
Ixora duffii
Ixora duffii (scientific name: Ixora duffii) is a tropical evergreen shrub of the Rubiaceae famil...
Aeschynanthus pulcher_img
Aeschynanthus pulcher
Aeschynanthus pulcher (Dark Red Lipstick Plant,Lipstick Plant) is an evergreen vines and shrubs o...
Cyclamen persicum_img
Cyclamen , scientific name:Cyclamen persicum, is a half-hardy bulbous plant of the Primulaceae fa...
Crossandra massaica_img
Crossandra massaica
Crossandra massaica is an evergreen perennial of the Acanthaceae department Crossandra genus nati...
Russelia equisetiformis_img
Coral plant
Coral plant (scientific name: Russelia equisetiformis) is native to Mexico and is a non-cold-resi...
Alpinia purpurata_img
Alpinia purpurata
Alpinia purpurata or Red Ginger (scientific name: Alpinia purpurata) is native to the Pacific isl...
Etlingera venusta_img
Ettlinger venusta
Ettlinger venusta (scientific name:Etlingera venusta) is a tropical perennial ginger native to Mu...
Celosia cristata_img
Cockscomb (scientific name: Celosia cristata) is a non-cold-tolerant annual herb in the family Am...
Amaranthus tricolor_img
Amaranthus tricolor
Amaranthus tricolor is originally from tropical Asia and is a non-hardy annual plant of the amara...
Hippeastrum hybridum_img
Amaryllis (Scientific name: Hippeastrum hybridum) is native to Latin America and is a semi-cold r...

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