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Lagerstroemia Indica

Basic information
Flower Name
Lagerstroemia Indica
Formal Name
Lagerstroemia indica
百日紅, Crape-myrtle, Lagerstroemia indica
Southern China
Mature deciduous trees
Lagerstroemia Indica, or Crape Myrtle, scientific name:Lagerstroemia indica , is native to China of the Department Lythraceae , of the Lagerstroemia genus fallen mature trees. The summer blooms light pink, pink, purplish red, petal, numerous in panicles. Were first introduced to Japan during the Edo period. Calyx is split into six 6-petaled flowers shaped crepe is flower. How leaves are 2 alternate or opposite. Usually, and alternate once on the right side leaves one branch, then left one preceded by a. However how rare leaves Crape Myrtle, two alternate if two leaves to the right with the following on the left side with two leaves. Peel the bark thin Japanese name is named that it slips easily and smooth bark, tree climbing is a good Monkey (Monkey). Also known as the Crape Myrtle and bright red flowers July-is based on the Chinese names due to the long period of time (3 months, and pertussis) bloom in September. Crape Myrtle Chickasaw is a dwarf variety.
Common name: Crape Myrtle, scientific name:Lagerstroemia indica, also known as: Lagerstroemia indica,Sarusuberi(in Japanese), place of origin: China Southern, environment: sunny good, prefers a good land, height: 3-10 m, tree bark color: propensity to bend slightly, pale brown-reddish-brown, bark thickness: thin, leaf length: 5 cm leaf: obovate leaf: no (ultra short) Saw blades: no (all edges), and leaves with more: 2 (palmately lobed with two) alternate or opposite, flowering period: July-September, flower diameter: 6 cm, flower color: peach, pale pink, white, red, purplish red, petal number: in six crepe-like the flowers: panicles and fruit shape: oval-spherical,fruit diameter:0.7 cm, applications: Garden, Garden tree The trees and temples
Detailed information
L. indica
Flower type
Actinomorphic Flower
Flower array
Petal shape
High cup
Leaf type
Leaf edge
Entire Fringe
Flowering place
Garden Graveyard、Temple park street, planting
Red, Pink, Violet, White
Jul Aug Sep
300  ~ 1000  [cm]
5  ~ 6