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    Platanus @ Shinjuku Gyoen National Garden

Basic information

Flower Name
Formal Name
Western Asia and southeastern Europe 


What is Platanus

Platanus (Scientific name: Platanus L.) is a generic term for deciduous broad-leaved trees of the Sycamore family. As the leaves grow big and shady, Platanus, Toshinoki, elm, shinnaki are regarded as the four largest trees in the world. In Suzukenoki genus there is Suzukenoki (scallion tree, Scientific name: Platanus orientalis), American Suzukakeoki (Amiri Suzuka no Tree, Scientific name: Platanus occidentalis), Momiji Bus Takeoki (Autumn leaf leaves Suzuki no ki, Scientific name: Platanus x acerifolia). Autumn leaves The Suzuka tree (P. x acerifolia) is a hybrid of American Suzuka no Tree (P. occidentalis) and Suzuka no Tree (P. orientalis). Flowers are both sexes and flower seeds, flowering in the spring, but because of high tree height and small flowers they do not draw their eyes. The male inflorescence is pale yellowish green with a flower diameter of about 1 cm, the female inflorescence is vermillion, the inflorescence diameter is about 1.5 cm, the pistil is red. It is a wind flower that scatter seeds by the wind.
The name Suzuka tree comes from the fruit hanging like a bell after falling leaves. The species name "acerifolia" has a leaf resembling a maple (acer ifolia), "orientalis" (in the east), "occidentalis" means (in the west). The number of hanging fruits is one in the P. occidentalis), one in the axis, two in the P. x acerifolia, three in the P. orientalis. It is considered the common name of the name. Because the fruit hangs like a bell in the Japanese name, "Genus Platanus" (Platanus) is a Latin "platys (large)" big leaf. A flower language is "genius". Ancient Greek genius philosopher Plato and others are talking about preaching philosophy in the plain of trees of Platanus.

Common name: Platanus, Scientific name: Platanus L., aka: Sycamore , Plane Tree, Platanus orientalis, Platanus occidentalis, Platanus x acerifolia, Place of origin: Asia Western to Southeastern part of Europe, life type: deciduous broadleaves Takagi , Tree height: 10 to 30 m, leaf color: green → yellow, leaf shape: palm shape, leaf debris: saw tooth presence, female and male shares, different sexes, crown: head flowers, flowering period: April to May, flower color: thin Yellow green, fruit shape: spherical, fruit type: aggregate fruits, aggregate fruit diameter: 3.5 to 4 cm, fruit season: October to December, use: street trees, park trees, materials are instruments.

Detailed information

Flower type
Actinomorphic Flower
Flower array
Solitary Inflorescence
Petal shape
capitate corolla
Leaf type
Leaf edge
Flowering place
Botanic gardenparkstreet, planting
Red, Green, Yellow, Cream
1000 ~ 3000 [cm]
1 ~ 1.5

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