Pontederia cordata

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    Pontederia cordata @ Hakobe Botanical Garden
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    Pontederia cordata @ Hakobe Botanical Garden
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    Pontederia cordata @ Hakobe Botanical Garden
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Basic information

Flower Name
Pontederia cordata
Formal Name
Pontederia cordata
Pontederia cordata, Pickerel weed
North America
cold-resistant perennial plants


What is Pontederia cordata

Pontederia cordata or common name Pickerel weed (scientific name: Pontederia cordata) is native to North America and is a cold-resistant perennial of the family Pontederiaceae. In Japanese name, it is called Nagaba Mizu-aoi . By the way, Japanese Mizu-aoi is one year grass. It increases in rhizomes with aquatic plants growing in ponds and shallows. From summer to autumn, a spiked inflorescences of 10 to 15 cm from the front of the flower stalk are extended, and a large number of flower blooms of 2 purple flowers with flower diameter of 2 cm are bloomed. A piece of petal has a yellow-green spot, which serves as a marker for a bee flying to pollinate. Because the flowers are flowers all day, they will wither in the evening. The genus "Pontederia" is a contribution to Italian botanists, species name "cordata" is derived from "heart-shaped" leaf shape. Flower language is "pity."

Common name: Pontederia cordata, Scientific name: Pontederia cordata, aka: Pickerel weed, Pontederia, Nagaba Mizu-aoi, Place of origin: North America, Environment: swamp, marshland, life type: hardy aquatic perennial plant, plant height: 60 to 100 cm, leaf shape: elongated heart shape, bilaterally symmetrical flower, bisexual flower, inflorescence type: spiked inflorescence, number of flower pieces: 6 Flower color: Blue purple, inflorescences length: 10 to 15 cm, flower size: 2 cm, flowering period: June to October, ovary: superior, fruit type: fruit type, fruit type, use: waterside Plants, potted plants, cut flowers.

Detailed information

P. cordata
Flower language
Sympathy ()
Flower type
Zygomorphic Flower
Flower array
Spike Inflorescence
Petal shape
Leaf type
Leaf edge
Entire Fringe
Flowering place
MarshCt flower・Flower arrangementPot flower
Pink, Blue, Violet, White
60 ~ 100 [cm]
2 ~ 2

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