gooseneck loosestrife

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    gooseneck loosestrife @ East Gardens of th Imperial Palace
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    gooseneck loosestrife @ Oze
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    gooseneck loosestrife @ East Gardens of th Imperial Palace
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    gooseneck loosestrife @ East Gardens of th Imperial Palace
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    gooseneck loosestrife @ Hakobe Botanical Garden
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    gooseneck loosestrife @ East Gardens of th Imperial Palace
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    gooseneck loosestrife @ East Gardens of th Imperial Palace

Basic information

Flower Name
gooseneck loosestrife
Formal Name
Lysimachia clethroides
Gooseneck, Okatrano, loosestrife
Japan, Korean peninsula, China
Cold hardiness of years grass


What is gooseneck loosestrife

Gooseneck loosestrife or Okatrano (scientific name: Lysimachia clethroides) is native to Japan etc. and is a cold-resistant perennial grass of the family Primulae . In the field, it grows by extending the rhizomes. In the summer, a long flower inflorescence is extended from the tip of the flower stalk, and many white small flowers blooming at the tip 5 with a cup shaped petal bloom. The genus' name 'Lysimachia' is a contribution to King Macedonia 'Lysimachus', species's name 'clethroides' means that it resembles the genus 'Clethra'.The Japanese name 'Oka tora no o' is based on the fact that the appearance that the long flower striking in the hill bloomed like a tiger's tail(Tora no O). Since flowers bloom from bottom to top, the flowers in the lower part will begin to wither before the flowers at the tip bloom. Leaves turn red in autumn and are beautiful. Flower language is "loyal".

Name: Gooseneck loosestrife, aka: Okatrano, scientific name: Lysimachia clethroides, Place of Origin: Japan, Korea Peninsula, China, Habitat Distribution: Hokkaido to Kyushu's Japan and Korean peninsula, China, Environment: sunny hill, plant height: 90 cm, petiole: yes, yes, leaves: alternate, leaf margin: all edges, leaf shape: oblong, leaf height: 10 cm, leaf width: 3.5 cm, leaf color : Flower color: white, flower color: white, flowering period: June to July, fruit: green → red (in autumn), inflorescence shape: rhinocerus inflorescence, inflorescence height: 20 cm, corolla shape: cup- Type: fruit, fruit shape: spherical, fruit diameter: 2.5 cm.

Detailed information

L. clethroides
Flower language
Faithful (Jun 20)
Flower type
Actinomorphic Flower
Flower array
Racemous Inflorescence
Petal shape
Leaf type
Leaf edge
Entire Fringe
Flowering place
Plain/fleetLow mountain
60 ~ 100 [cm]
1 ~ 1

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