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Basic information

Flower Name
Shimatonerico elegance
Formal Name
Chamaedorea elegans
Chamaedorea elegance
Central and South America, including Mexico, Guatemala
Shade tolerant, Hardy Evergreen shrub


What is Shimatonerico elegance

Shimatonerico elegance (scientific name:Chamaedorea elegans) is the resistance behind the Palm of shimatonerico spp., Hardy Evergreen shrub. It is a Palm native to Central and South rice such as common in Guatemala. Stems grow in clumps thin. Bigger than 2 m compact Palm, known by the name of the tables. The origin of the name is put on the table in the room. Stem in one leaf sheath consolidation per with a length of about 10 cm lanceolate green and glossy with no small leaves 14 per pinnately compound leaves to the left and right. Spadix stretched about 20 cm in the spring to many of yellow fruit like flowers; Fertilization in a plant near the divided into male and female in a dioecious. After the flower fruit purple black oval-shaped fruit. Applications for indoor plants.

Genus shimatonerico seiflizzy (Chamaedorea seifrizii). General name: shimatonerico elegance (Chamaedorea elegans), scientific name:Chamaedorea elegans, also known as: tables, shimatonerico, chamaedorea, origin Mexico, Guatemala and other Central and South America, living type: resistant shade and cold-resistant evergreen shrubs, single stem, height: 100-200 cm, stem diameter: 2 cm, leaf color: gloss without green, leaf: leaflets lanceolate, pinnate attaches to, Length: 40 cm, small leaf length: 16 cm, leaf numbers: left and right by 14 per, dioecious, inflorescence shape spadix, flower color: light green, inflorescence length: 20 cm, fruit color: purple black, fruit shape: oval, applications: for indoor plants.

Detailed information

C. elegans
Flower type
Actinomorphic Flower
Flower array
Petal shape
Leaf type
pinnately compound
Leaf edge
Entire Fringe
Flowering place
Greenhouse(sub-) Tropical areaOverseas
100 ~ 200 [cm]
1 ~ 1

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