Iceland Poppy

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    Iceland Poppy @ Kyoto Botanical Garden
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    Iceland Poppy @ Kiba Park
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    Iceland Poppy @ Yumenoshima Tropical Greenhouse Dome
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    Iceland Poppy @ Yumenoshima Tropical Greenhouse Dome
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    Iceland Poppy @ Kyoto Botanical Garden
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    Iceland Poppy @ Kojimachi
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    Iceland Poppy @ Kojimachi

Basic information

Flower Name
Iceland Poppy
Formal Name
Papaver nudicaule
Siberia to Europe
Annual grass


What is Iceland Poppy

Iceland Poppies (Iceland Poppy) and spring-resistance of poppy Papaver spring with Pastel-colored paper like big 4 valve blooms and non-of heat-tolerant perennials (gardening on the autumn sowing year grass) is. Grow hairs on stems and buds, his reticence was turned on and the buds will bloom as thin as paper flowers. Quickest in the poppy flowers and rich in anthocyanins, are popular. Wild species is a single, white, yellow, red, Orange, peach, pale yellow, double-petaled variety garden variety. Stamens and pistils in the center of the flower has a bright yellow. The same fellow, Oriental poppy (demon poppy) and Papaver rhoeas (chicks poppy). TThese kinds do not contain any opium poppy, so can be grown like normal plants.

Common name: Iceland Poppy, Scientific name: Papaver nudicaule, alias: poppy, cokriko (French), Arctic poppy, Origin: Siberia - Europe, Living type: Autumn sowing 1 year grass, plant height: 25 to 40 cm, stem: branching, leaf color: white green, leaf shape: egg Shape, leaf shape: hairy with feather-like double leaf, leaf margin: saw tooth, leaf blade: 3 to 15 cm, radial symmetrical flowers, depressant flowers, petal shape: cup type, petal number: 4 ", flower diameter: 10 cm, flowering period: March to June, inflorescence form: single flower flower, flower color: white · yellow · peach · red · orange, stamens number: many, stamens and stamens color: yellow, number of sepals: 2 Fruit shape: fruit shape, fruit shape: spherical / cylindrical shape, application: potted plant, garden plant, cut flower, remarks: poisonous plant.

Detailed information

P. nudicaule
Flower language
Premonition of love (Mar 02, Mar 04, Mar 19, Jul 01, Jul 03, Aug 01, Aug 03)
Flower type
Actinomorphic Flower
Flower array
Solitary Inflorescence
Petal shape
Leaf type
Leaf edge
Flowering place
GardenPot flower
Red, Pink, Orange, Yellow, White
25 ~ 40 [cm]
6 ~ 10

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