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Jack in the pulpit

Basic information
Flower Name
Jack in the pulpit
Formal Name
Arisaema serratum
蝮草, Jack in the pulpit , Arisaema
Japan and Nort-east asia
Years of weed
Jack in the pulpit (scientific name:Arisaema serratm) is non-wild grass of the perennial plant originally from Japan and China of the Araceae department Arisaema genus. It lets a floret bloom in the spadix which stretchs out floral held in the sheath of the leaf wrapped in spathe from the stem stood straight in the shade of a tree of the forest in early summer from late spring. All grass is toxic including a potato-formed underground stem. The part looking like a stem is called a false stem with the sheath of the leafstalk A spadix protected with a Buddha flame parcel gets a large number of stamens. Because it is dioecism, as for the male flower, the female flower is prepared into only the stamen only by a pistil, and there is no petal in both. There are two pieces of tarsus-formed wings of a biplane, and the small leaf is shiny with 7-14 pieces. It produces the fruit of red grains in autumn. In a poisonous plant, it becomes the Chinese medicine.
A generic name: Jack in the pulpit, A scientific name: Arisaema serratum, another name: , Arisaema serratum,Mamushigusa,Mamushiso (in Japanese), Arisaema serratum (Kanto Arisaema serratum, green), the place of origin: Japan, China, distribution: The shade of a tree of the forest, Height of a rice plant: 50-70cm, leaf shape: Wings of a biplane tarsus-formed in an open palm, the number of the leaves: The number of the small leaves constituting two pieces, a leaf: 7-14 pieces, leaf width: 20-30cm, a leaf color: Green, inflorescence form: A spadix, anthesis: For from April to May,color of a flower: Purple (purplish red - deep purple - black purple, green, inflorescence diameter: 15cm, a petal: Nothing, the fruition period: For from September to October, colored fruit: red from green ,carefully: Granulation, a use: Chinese medicine.
Detailed information
A. serratum
Flower type
Flower array
Petal shape
no petal
Leaf type
Leaf edge
Flowering place
Low mountain
Green, Violet
Apr May
50  ~ 70  [cm]
15  ~ 15