Ryozan Kan-aoi

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    Ryozan Kan-aoi @ Kyoto Botanical Garden

Basic information

Flower Name
Ryozan Kan-aoi
Formal Name
Asarum nipponicum 'ryozan kan-aoi'
perennial grass


What is Ryozan Kan-aoi

Asarum nipponicum 'Ryozan kanaoi'(scientific name: Nipponicum 'Ryozan kan-aoi') is a kind of wild ginger(scientific name:Asarum) which is a perennial herb of the family Aristolochiaceae endemic to Japan and east Asia. It grows in the dark place under the tree and is surprisingly slow-growing. Wild gingers exist in East Asia about 100 species and half of them are in Japan. The origin of the flower name is associated with the leaf which does not die in winter and is similar in Aoi. It has dark purple colored or strong green colored leaves with heart formed at the base from the axil of the stem , and such as the poorness of a dark brown persimmon 1 - several.It is a calyx tube looks like a flower, sepals 3 luting has a bell-shaped. Calyx tube colors, rust, green or pale yellow. 12 stamens and a pistil of six have gathered at the back of the calyx tube, but not visible from the outside.  

Generic name: Asarum nipponicum 'Ryozan kanaoi',scientific name: Nipponicum 'Ryozan kan-aoi', Another name:wild ginger, Asarum ,Origin: Japan and East Asia, Environment: mountains, life: Perennial plant, plant height: 5-20 cm , stem:, short , Axis color: dark purple or green , Nature: ground creeping , Leaf : alternate , Leaf shape: tip pointed oval base into Vitiligo Crest heart , Leaf color: dark green leaves: stems in pieces petiole: Yes Leaf length: 7 to 10 cm width: degenerates radiation symmetrical flowers: flowers are 5 cm, no. Looks like the flower is the joint venture 3 calyx sepals flower color (color of calyx tube), rust-colored (dark purple), yellow-green and purple sepals number: 3, Star form the calyx tube with adhesion to 3 sepals (calyx tube shape): bells or bottle type, depending on the flat open seeds and three-lobed tip. October-December, February-may jaw cylinder diameter: 1-2 cm jaw tube length: 1 ~ 2 cm: number of stamens 12: pistil :six , Breeding : seed , Harvest season : first summer, Fragrance: leaf stalks , use to: Gifu butterfly, food plant.

Detailed information

A. nipponicum
Flower type
Actinomorphic Flower
Flower array
Solitary Inflorescence
Petal shape
Leaf type
Leaf edge
Entire Fringe
Flowering place
Brown, Green
5 ~ 20 [cm]
1 ~ 2

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