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Codonanthe grachiris

Basic information
Flower Name
Codonanthe grachiris
Formal Name
Codonanthe grachiris
Codonanthe grachiris
non-cold resistance, evergreen, seasoning, vines, perennials
Codonanthe grachiris (scientific name: Codonanthe grachiris) is an endemic species in the southern part of Brazil, a non-cold-resistant, evergreen, growing, crawling perennial plant of the family Gesneriaceae. In Montan Forest and Lowland Forest in the southern part of Brazil, stretch thin and durable stems upwards and hanging down to trees and rocks. A green single leaf is attached to the stem on the stem. Leaf shapes are elliptical, ovoid, obovate, etc. A small white flower blooms from the side of the leaves in autumn to winter (the anniversary in the local or greenhouse). It is a joint flower with petals coalesced, the corolla is bell-shaped or funnel shaped and its tip is 5-deep. There are many purple spots at the back of the throat of the flower. Small spherical fruits of orange color are formed after the flowers, which may overlap the flowering of other flowers, and flowers and fruits may be seen at the same time. There is a nectary gland that attracts ants to the base of the leaf or the outside of the flower with a nectar plant. In origin, they are growing on the nest of ants, providing honey to the ants, instead spreading the seeds into the ant nest instead of spreading the seeds, feeding damage of leaves and flowers from other insects and their larvae I will take the role of defense of. The genus name "Codonanthe" comes from the Greek word "Codon (codon = bell)" + "anthe (angel = flower)" and means a bell-shaped flower. Hanging tailoring is used to appreciate leaves, flowers and fruits.
General name: Codonanthe grachiris , scientific name : Codonanthe grachiris, Also known as: Topaz pretty, origin: Brazilian south, Environment: water and bright Color of the back side of the leaves: light green, leaf shape: oblong elliptical, ovoid, ovular, leaf height: 1.5 to 6 cm, height of leaves: Leaf width: 1 ~ 2.5 cm, leaf quality: slightly thick and glossy in cortex, leaves: birth, leaves margin: all the edges, flower color: white background and purple spot in the throat section, corolla: funnel type, Fruit type: Fruit color, fruit type: fruit color: orange, fruit shape: fruit type: fruit type: fruit type: fruit type: fruit type: Fruit length: 1 to 1.2 cm, fruit width: 0.8 to 0.9 cm, honey source plant: ant, breeding method: cutting, application: hanging pot.
Detailed information
C. gracilis
Flower type
Zygomorphic Flower
Flower array
Solitary Inflorescence
Petal shape
Leaf type
Leaf edge
Entire Fringe
Flowering place
Botanic garden
Sep Oct Nov Dec
150  ~ 200  [cm]
0.8  ~ 1