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Spring gentian

Basic information
Flower Name
Spring gentian
Formal Name
Gentiana verna
spring gentian, Gentiana verna
European Alps
Cold-resistant and non-heat tolerance of dwarf perennial
Spring gentian, scientific name:Gentiana verna , is native to rocky high mountain in the European Alps and pastures,and a hardy dwarf non of heat-tolerant perennial. plant of the Gentiana genus, of the department Gentianaceae. One of three representing the Alps of Switzerland. According to three great European flower with this gentian Berna, Edelweiss, Alpenrose (scientific name: rhododendron fergineum) and will be. Plant 5-only about 10 cm. Typical coloration is a brilliant deep blue, and the cylindrical Tip 5 deep cleft, the open flat shaped like a star. Flower color of blue, white and blue. Leaves are oblong with the lights in the shape of Rosetta. Small leaves on the stems are green with oval and, with the opposite. Flower name comes from the Gentiana (gentian) of the genus name is a 0/500 Ilyas King Gentius honour and verna of the species epithet is "spring flowers blooming in" depends on the. Alleys and potted plant uses, suitable for rock gardens. Fellow of the gentian genus native to Switzerland Alps close Gentiana (Kreuz-Enzian). Japan gentian Gentiana (rindou) refer.
Generic name: Spring gentian , scientific name:Gentiana verna aka: spring gentian, Habitat distribution: Europe (including United Kingdom)-Rocky environments: high mountains, Mongolia, pasture, living type: dwarf Hardy and non-of heat-tolerant perennial, stem length: 5-10 cm, with roots raw leaf: oblong, leaves for:-Rosetta, small leaf oval, leaf color: green, Small leaves with more: opposite, flower color vivid dark blue, sky blue and white, flower head 2 cm, flower diameter: 1-2 cm, flowering: is petal-type: semi-elliptic 3-6 month, Crown Tip 5 deep crack and star-shaped open flat, pistil: 1 book,: number of stamens five, pollination: insects, fruit: capsule and ripens fruit
Detailed information
G. verna
Flower type
Actinomorphic Flower
Flower array
Solitary Inflorescence
Petal shape
Leaf type
Leaf edge
Entire Fringe
Flowering place
Alpine Pot flower Specific area
Blue, White
Mar Apr May Jun
5  ~ 10  [cm]
1  ~ 2