Common ivy

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    Common ivy @ Kojimachi
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    Common ivy @ Hakobe Botanical Garden
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Basic information

Flower Name
Common ivy
Formal Name
Hedera helix
Common ivy, Hedera, Hedera helix, English ivy, European ivy
Europe〜West asia
hardy evergreen climbing shrub


What is Common ivy

Common ivy , scientific name: Hedera helixa , is a cold-resistant evergreen climbing shrub of the Araliaceae department Hedera genus. It gets entangled in the outer wall of a tree and the house. Leaf shape includes a change, and there are variegations, too. A yellow floret on green blooms in autumn, however a leaf is an appreciated houseplant than a flower. In a representative kind, there is the Grayshah which a thin yellow ornamental border is in the light and shade place of the bluish green.Bushy plant has campaigned the Japanese Ivy, the fall foliage Japanese Ivy, however Common ivy does not leaves.

Generic name:Common ivy , scientific name:Hedera helix , also known as: English Ivy,Hedera Helix,Common ivy, European ivy, The place of origin: European-west Asia, habitation distribution: All over Japan, an ecotype: A cold-resistant evergreen climbing nature shrub, the vine head: 20-30m, a leaf color: It is variegation of the yellow, variegation white in green, quality of leaf in green, green: Is luster with cortex; leaf shape: Open palm → ovoid, the admiration period: An anniversary, a blade: 3-6cm, the leafstalk head: 1-3cm, a leaf relationship: All relationships, phyllotaxis: Each other life, an emission symmetry flower, a schizopetalous flower, inflorescence form: Big umbel inflorescence, the number of the petals: Five pieces, flower diameter: 3-5cm, a color of a flower: Greenish yellow, anthesis: For from October to November, it is a floret: 5 valves flower, epigyny, anther: Yellow, flower diameter: 0.5cm, a stamen: Five pistils: One of them, a style: Five of them, a fruit type: Sap fruit, a fruit color: It is fruit form bitter orange → purple black carefully: Orbicularity, fruit diameter: 0.7cm, the number of the seeds: Five, the fruition period: Summer, the following day, a breeding method: A cutting, remarks: The use that is strong in the shade to crawl up in patience: Gardening, ground cover, wall surface tree planting, houseplant, honey source plant

Detailed information

H. helix
Flower type
Actinomorphic Flower
Flower array
Petal shape
Leaf type
Leaf edge
Entire Fringe
Flowering place
2000 ~ 3000 [cm]
3 ~ 5

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