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Large-flowered Cypripedium

Basic information
Flower Name
Large-flowered Cypripedium
Formal Name
Cypripedium macranthos var. speciosum
敦盛草, Large-flowered Cypripedium, 敦盛草, lady’s slipper
Eastern Europe from East Asia.
Deciduous years grass
Large-flowered Cypripedium or Atsumorisou (scientific name: Cypripedium macranthos var. Speciosum) is native to East Asia from Eastern Europe, and is a deciduous perennial species of the family Orchidaceae. It grows naturally in prairies between low mountain and sub-alpine from Hokkaido to North Honshu in Japan. Bring the red purple-shaped baglike lip shaped flowers downward. The name of flower called Atsumorisou is based on the fact that the shape of the flower resembles 'Moro' that Atsumori Taira was carrying during the battle of Genpei. Moro is a cloth that prevents arrows from sticking to the back. The genus name Cypripedium was derived from the Latin Cypris (goddess Venus) + pedilon (slippers). The macranthum of the species name is a neutral form of macro (large) + anthus (big flower) combined (small flower), the small classification name speciosum is speciosa (beautiful, worth seeing). By the way, {{Kumagaisou}} is related to Naomi Kumagai who has killed Atsumori Taira. In the same genus, Rebun Island ({{Rebun Atsumorisou}}, C. marcanthos var. Rebunense) etc, which has pale yellow flowers in bloom. The flower language is "Good for you", "I newver forget you".
General Name: Cypripedium macranthos var. Speciosum, aka: Large-flowered Cypripedium, lady's slipper, Origin: Eastern Europe ~ East Asia, Habitat Distribution: Hokkaido ~ Honshu from the northern part of Mainland, East Asia, living environment: low mountain ~ sub-alpine grasslands, life type: deciduous perennials, plant length: 30 to 50 cm, leaf shape: long Oval to lestle needle shape, leaf blade: 5 to 10 cm, leaf width: 4 cm, leaf order: alternate, bilaterally symmetrical flower, inflorescence type: single apical inflorescence, flower stalk height: 5 to 10 cm, flower diameter: 3 to 7 cm, Flower color: red purple, flower form: Baglike lip shaped flower blooming downward, lip length: 4 cm, lip width: 2.5 cm, flowering period: mid April - June.
Detailed information
C. macranthos
Flower type
Zygomorphic Flower
Flower array
Solitary Inflorescence
Petal shape
Leaf type
Leaf edge
Flowering place
Botanic garden Low mountain
Red, Violet
Apr May Jun
30  ~ 50  [cm]
3  ~ 7