Acer rubrum

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    Acer rubrum @ Hamanako Garden Park(Pacific Flora 2004)

Basic information

Flower Name
Acer rubrum
Formal Name
Acer rubrum
Eastern North America
Hardy deciduous broad-leaved tree


Acer rubrum (america Honinoki, Scientific name: Acer rubrum) is a cold-resistant deciduous broad leaved trees of Aceracea maple in the eastern part of North America. Autumn leaves are beautiful i> maple (Acer) It is a companion of. The bark of the adult tree is gray, the trunk stretches straightforward easily, the crown is egg-shaped ~ spindle. A small red tassel shaped flower of a dicotyledon is made to bloom in 4 before the leaf opens. The leaves are large, the table changes from light green color (embryonic period) → dark green → yellow → scarlet color (autumn) → fallen leaf (winter), the hair is dense and white appears to the foliage. The shape of the leaves is in the shape of the heart, 3 to 5 tears and there are saw teeth on the leaf edge. Leaves come to life. It is planted for park trees, garden trees and bonsai trees. It is similar to Japanese hanoki, but it grows faster than a honey.

Common name: Acer rubrum, Scientific name: Acer rubrum, aka: Benikaede (reddish) 'Red Sunset', Ruburakaede, Acaricide, Acer rubrum, red maple, scarlet maple, swamp maple, origin North America Eastern environment: mountain, life type: cold tolerance deciduous broad leaf trees, bark: gray (mature tree), stem: simple to stretch, Crown: Egg type to spindle type, tree height: 10 to 40 m, leaf order: leaf color: light green (embryonic stage) → dark green → yellow → crimson color (fall) → fallen leaf (winter), foliage: Dense, white, leaf shape: 3 to 5 fissures in heart shape, leaf length: 10 cm, leaf margin: saw tooth presence, sex tooth, different seeds, flowering period: April, inflorescence shape: tufted inflorescence, number of petals: 5, flower color : Red to dark red flowering position: bundle to the axil of the previous year branch, viewing period: April (flower), April to June and October to November (best time to leave), use Symbol tree, garden, park trees, street trees, flower beds, potted plants, Remarks: leaf color varies along the leaf veins, young branches are red, the flowers bloom before the leaves appear.

Detailed information

A. rubrum
Flower type
Flower array
Petal shape
Leaf type
Leaf edge
Flowering place
1000 ~ 4000 [cm]

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