Mussaenda parviflora

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Basic information

Flower Name
Mussaenda parviflora
Formal Name
Mussaenda parviflora
Southern China
Evergreen shrub and vine


What is Mussaenda parviflora

Mussaenda parviflora or Konronka(scientific name: Mussaenda parviflora) is native to southern China and is an evergreen semi-vibrant shrub of the Rubiaceae family. It grows naturally in subtropical to tropical regions. In warm areas in Japan, they are planted in the garden, however usually they are considered to be potted plants. Extend the double divergent inflorescences, attach large white calyx and small yellow star shaped tubular flowers. The calyx is conspicuous from the flower. White calyx is also called "flower of handkerchief" because it resembles a tree "{{Handkerchief tree}} " of another genus. Fruits are made after flowers. In China, we call it Kodama Leaf Golden Flower, we use vines and roots as herbal medicine material. The Japanese name "Konronka" is attached to the white sediment as a snowflake in the legendary mountain "Kunlun Mountain" which is the source of the Yellow River of origin China and is the entrance to the heavenly world where the gods live. The origin of which flower language is regarded as "myth" depends on the above. The genus name Mussaenda is the local name in Sri Lanka, species species name parviflora is Greek word "small flowers". There are a group of rice branches that have pale yellow flowers in bloom> (Thin Huangcun Lun Flower, Musaenda Luteola, Scientific Name: Mussaenda luteola). It is Higoromonkonkonka (Scarlet Kunlun Lu, scientific name: Mussaenda erythrophyla) that makes a pale red bract a pale yellow flower. It is Mussaenda frondosa that makes orange flowers bloom in white bracts.

Common name: Mussaenda parviflora or Konronka, Scientific name: Mussaenda parviflora, aka: Mussaenda , Konronka, handkerchief flower, Origin: Southern China, habitat distribution: subtropical to tropical region, life type: evergreen semi-vigorous shrub, tree height: 0.3 to 1 m, leafy: thin, leaf color: green, leaf shape: long ellipse Flower color: yellow, corolla shape: tubular shape with 5 tears at the tip and flat, corolla diameter: 1 cm, brown color: white, calyx length: 3 cm, flowering period: May to September, use: potted plant, garden tree, herbal medicine.

Detailed information

M. parviflora
Flower language
Myth (Jan 19)
Flower type
Actinomorphic Flower
Flower array
Double Cymes
Petal shape
High cup
Leaf type
Leaf edge
Entire Fringe
Flowering place
GardenPot flower
30 ~ 100 [cm]
1 ~ 1

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