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Solanum mammosum

Basic information
Flower Name
Solanum mammosum
Formal Name
Solanum mammosum
角茄子, Nipple fluit, Apple of Sodom
Small non-hardy shrub
Solanum mammosum Tsunonasu (scientific name: Solanum mammosum) is native to Brazil, and is a small shrub , or an annual / perennial grass of the family Solanaceae . It grows to about 1.5 m. In the summer, extend the inflorescences from the axiles and makes several florets bloom. Small flowers have blue-purple star-shaped petals around them, consisting of yellow big stamens and stamens in the middle. In the autumn, several to several tens of fruits are made on one stem. The fruits are oval shaped like lemon, glossy and yellow. What is different from lemon is that the surface is smooth, with five prisms on the base. The Japanese name "Tsunonasu" (it means "horned eggplant") is a plant of the eggplant, based on the fact that there are small horn-like projections beneath the fruit. The English name is Fox Face because the shape of the fruit resembles the face of the fox. Also, since the horn has a papillary shape, it is called Lady nipples or Nipple fluit. Fruits are used as ornamental items such as flower arrangements, flower arrangements, objects and displays, plants are used for planting gardens and potted plants. Unfortunately, however, it is not edible because of alkaloids poisons.

Flower language

A flower language is "my feeling". The genus name "Solanum" means "solamen (rest)", species name "mammosum" means "tuft" because there are many protrusions.
Generic name: Solanum mammosum or Tsunonasu, , Scientific name: Solanum mammosum, aka: Fox face, Nipple fluit, Lady nipples, Apple of Sodom, fox nets, canary eggplant, Place of Origin: Brazil, Living Type: Non-cold tolerant small shrub (treated in Japan in annual plant), plant height: 50-150 cm, stem and leaf: with spines, leaf color: green, leaf shape: heart to wide ellipse, Petal color: blue purple,flower shape: five star petals, stamens color: Yellow, stamen length: long flower pillow length is female > male, flowering period: June to September, fruit length: 5 to 8 cm, fruit color: green → yellow, fruit shape: on the surface Five fruit type: Fruit type, fruit type, seeds: black seeds in fruits , Fruit season: September - November, breeding method: seed.
Detailed information
S. mammosum
Flower type
Actinomorphic Flower
Flower array
Racemous Inflorescence
Petal shape
Leaf type
Leaf edge
Flowering place
Ct flower・Flower arrangement Pot flower Garden
Blue, Violet
Jun Jul Aug Sep
50  ~ 150  [cm]
3  ~ 3