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Annona muricata

Basic information
Flower Name
Annona muricata
Formal Name
Annona muricata
Soursop, 棘蕃茘枝
North America, Mexico, Central and South America tropical America
Small Evergreen broadleaf trees
Annona muricata, ancestor bear or soursop (scientific name: Annona muricata) is native to tropical America and is evergreen tall tree of Annonaceae and its fruits. The tree height is about 5 m. The leaves are elliptical and about 10 cm long. Like cacao, flowers bloom directly from the trunk and fruits are made. The flowers are yellow and blooming downwards. The fruit is similar to Dorian and it is as big as human's head among the Banreishi fellows. It is the origin of the name that many soft spines are growing on the surface of the fruit. The fruit has a pleasant sour taste, it is called English name Soursop, it is used as raw material for raw food, sherbet, soft drinks and folk remedies.
Plant name: Annona muricata, ancestor bear or soursop, scientific name: Annona muricata, Origin: Tropical America, cultivation distribution in North America, Mexico, Central and South America: tropical ~ subtropical region of the world , Alias: Soursop, Netherlands / Dorian, Natural Guanabana, Living Type: Evergreen Broad-leaved Odaka, Tree Height: 5 m, Single Leaf, Leaf Shape: Oval / Spear Shape, Leaf Height: 10 cm, Leaves: Interchangeable, Petiole : Yes, leaves margin: all edges, festival leaves: no, radial symmetry flowers, bisexual flowers, petals: 6 valves, flower color: yellowish green (outer flowering piece), light yellow (inner flowering piece) Fruit type: Fruit type aggregate fruit, fruit length: 15 to 50 cm, fruit weight: 2 to 6 Kg, fruit shape: long oval shape with spines, Pericarp: thorny, flesh color: white · light yellow, flesh flavor: sweet acidity, seeds: There are species similar to watermelon in fruit pulp. Use: Juice, sorbet, cancer prevention. Remarks: Although it is considered good for cancer prevention, symptoms similar to Parkinson 's disease may occur. Other plants good for cancer prevention: green yellow vegetable like tomato, other plants good for cancer prevention: green yellow vegetable such as tomato, turmeric, noni, sour sop etc.
Detailed information
A. muricata
Flower type
Actinomorphic Flower
Flower array
Solitary Inflorescence
Petal shape
Leaf type
Leaf edge
Entire Fringe
Flowering place
Green, Cream
Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug
500  ~ 600  [cm]
2  ~ 3