Flowering dogwood

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    Flowering dogwood @ Rokko alpine botanical garden
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    Flowering dogwood @ Kikukawa ,Sumidaku,Tokyo,Japan
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    Flowering dogwood @ Kikukawa ,Sumidaku,Tokyo,Japan
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    White love
    Flowering dogwood @ Kikukawa ,Sumidaku,Tokyo,Japan
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    Flowering dogwood @ Hamanako Garden Park(Pacific Flora 2004)
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    Flowering dogwood @ Kojimachi
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    Flowering dogwood @ Shimizudani Park
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    Flowering dogwood @ KIOICHO-DORI
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    Flowering dogwood @ KIOICHO-DORI
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    Flowering dogwood @ KIOICHO-DORI

Basic information

Flower Name
Flowering dogwood
Formal Name
Cornus florida
Flowering dogwood
Horticultural species native to North America
Hardy deciduous small and tall trees


What is Flowering dogwood

Flowering dogwood, scientific name:Cornus florida , is the Department Cornaceae ,of Cornus genus hardy deciduous small tree. In the spring, before the leaves, branches to upward, flat four-valve of the flowers white (or red) or flowers. In the flower involucres, real flowers in masses of yellow-green in the center of the flower is a small 4-petaled flowers of about 0.5 cm. Looks like a part is recessed in the tips of the bracts begin to bloom and seed. Branches spread horizontally. Leaves are green and glossy, is oval-shaped or oval leaf veins are crystal clear. Consists of oblong red berries in the fall, the autumn leaves are beautiful. It is similar to {{Cornus kousa}} (Yamaboushi, Scientific name: Cornus kousa). In return Japan presented the Sakura (cherry) trees in the United States was a gift from the United States. Are used as street trees and garden.

Common name: Flowering dogwood, scientific name:Cornus florida, Origin: horticulture species of Eastern North America, living type: hardy deciduous small tree, tree height: 5-10 m, leaf shape: oval, leaf margin: entire, asymmetric flower, compound cymes, flowering time: April to May: petals four. flower (actually known as involucral bracts colors): white, light pink, red, pale yellow and orange, real flower color: yellowish green, flower diameter (actually, bract diameter): 8 to 10 cm, real flower diameter: 0.5 cm, fruit color: red, fruit shape:oblong(long oval).

Detailed information

C. florida
Flower language
Please accept my heart (Mar 18)
Flower type
Actinomorphic Flower
Flower array
Double Cymes
Petal shape
Leaf type
Leaf edge
Entire Fringe
Flowering place
Gardenparkstreet, planting
Red, Pink, White
500 ~ 1000 [cm]
8 ~ 10

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