Lealia superbiens

Lealia superbiens l.

  • Lealia superbiens
  • Lealia superbiens
  • Lealia superbiens
  • Lealia superbiens
  • Flower name
    Lealia superbiens
  • Scientific name
    Lealia superbiens l.
  • AliasLealia superbiens
  • Place of originCosta Rica to Trinidad
  • Place of flowering
  • Flowering seasonJanuary, February, March, November, December

What is Lealia superbiens

Lealia superbiens (scientific name: Lealia superbiens) is evergreen perennial of the family Orchidaceae. It is an orchid growing on the tree trunk of a tropical rainforest and a big rock. Many luxurious flowers bloom to a large inflorescence. The lip is deep crimson color, the side petals are pink and wavy. The species name "Superbiens" means Latin's "wonderful". Along with Laelia undulata, it is one of parents of Lelia · Sinjuku (scientific name: Lealia Shinjuku).

  • Order
  • Family
  • Genus
  • Species
    L. undulata
  • Type of flower
    Left-right symmetrical flower
  • Array of flower
    Gross inflorescence
  • Petal shape
  • Leaf type
  • Edge of the leaf
  • Life typeEpiphytism orchid of the evergreen perennial plant
  • Flower colorsPink
  • Colors of the leavesGreen
  • Fruit colorGreen
  • Height250.0 ~ 300.0 cm
  • Diameter of flower12.0 ~ 18.0 cm

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