New Zealand Flowers

Flowers native to New Zealand - Flowers and illustrations iin this flower library currently Coffea, Manuka Flower, Cordyline Australis 'Atropurpurea', Lophomitus catherine, Maolan, Achaena microphylla, New Sairan Purpureum, and Crassula. New Sairan purpureum, and cranes, though. New Zealand native plants include New Zealand Flax (harakeke in Maori)
Pohutukawa, Lance Wood, Kauri (conifer), Nikau (palm), Silver Fern, Cabbage Tree, Rangiora, Nikau (palm), Tall Rim, Totara, Ferns, Soft Tree Fern (Katote), Bob Pine (Swamp Pine), Muhlenbeckea, Hebe Veronica Grace, Clematis lorayoana, Pittosporum, Calluna, Sophora Little Baby, Asteria Westland Color, Colloquia cotoneaster, New Zealand Flags, Tussock, Toy Toy Toy, Golden Willow, South Sea Cedar, and others to be collected in the future. We plan to collect more in the future.

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