Davidia involucrata

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    Davidia involucrata @ Akagi Nature Park
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    Davidia involucrata @ Akagi Nature Park
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    Davidia involucrata @ Nikko Botanical Garden
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    Davidia involucrata @ Nikko Botanical Garden
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    Davidia involucrata @ Tokyo Metropolitan Jindai Botanical Park

Basic information

Flower Name
Davidia involucrata
Formal Name
Davidia involucrata
Davidia, Dove tree, Pocket handkerchief tree, handkerchief tree
Deciduous tree


What is Davidia involucrata

Davidia involucrata, commonly called by handkerchief tree or dove tree, is native to China, and is a deciduous tree of the family Cornaceae. This alone forms a genus. It is the origin of the flower name that two large white mulberry leaves attached around the flower look like a handkerchief. Outstanding white mulberry leaves are the trick to call insects into small, inconspicuous flower clusters in the center. The white mulberry leaves are pale green at first, but they become white according to the flowering, and the flowers come to an end and fall as the pollination ends. There are two types of flowers, but neither has a petal (flowered piece), only a bud. Of the two types, one is a male flower with only a large number of stamens, and the other is a bisexual flower consisting of one female and 10 males. Mussaenda parviflora or Konronka(scientific name: Mussaenda parviflora) It is also called "handkerchief flower" because it has a flower and the white scaly resembles a handkerchief.

Generic name: Davidia involucrata, scientific name: Davidia involucrata, another name: Davidia, Pocket handkerchief,tree of the dove tree, origin: Mainland China, environment: The sunny in the forest of the mountainous district of 2,000m above sea level, height of the tree: 10-25m, Bark color: brown, leaf shape: oblong,Leafhopper: sawfish, leaf order: alternate, leaf length: 10 ~ 15cm,
White peony leaf length: 15 cm, From the flowers, the same sex, Inflorescence: flower head, calyx: innocent, pistil color: yellow-green, Stamen drug color: white, purple, inflorescence diameter: 2 cm, flowering period: mid-May to early June, fruit shape: long oval, fruit length: 3 to 4 cm, use: garden tree, street tree .

Detailed information

D. involucrata
Flower type
Flower array
Petal shape
no petal
Leaf type
Broad ovate Leaf
Leaf edge
Flowering place
(sub-) Tropical area
Brown, White
1000 ~ 2500 [cm]
2 ~ 2

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