Chinese fringetree

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    Chinese fringetree @ Kyoto Botanical Garden
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    Chinese fringetree @ Kyoto Botanical Garden
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    Chinese fringetree @ Kyoto Botanical Garden
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    Chinese fringetree @ Kyoto Botanical Garden
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    Chinese fringetree @ Kyoto Botanical Garden
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    Chinese fringetree @ Matsue

Basic information

Flower Name
Chinese fringetree
Formal Name
Chionanthus retusus
Korea Peninsula, Japan, China
Fallen leaves tree


What is Chinese fringetree

Chinese fringetree (scientific name: Chionanthus retusus) is a large deciduous trees of the genus Chionanthus, of the Oleaceae family native to the Korean Peninsula , China and Japan. The tree height is 20 to 25 m, the diameter is 50 to 70 cm, the bark is grayish brown and there is a vertical break. Green leaves are about 5 cm in length and long elliptical with long stems and attached to the living body. In the spring, inflorescences are stretched and blooming like a pure white string of floral aroma that covers the crown. Flowers have four tears at the tip. After the flowers a large number of elliptical fruits with a fruit diameter of 1 to 2 cm are grown and black ripe in autumn. It is called "Nanja Monja No ki" in another name. Nanja Monja is used to call something that is not known for a long time ago. Therefore, there are things called elm tree and so on as Nanja Monja No ki. The scientific name Chionanthus is in Latin, Chion is snow, anthus is flower, and it means white flower as snow is piled up.

Common name: Chinese fringetree , Scientific name: Chionanthus retusus, aka: Hitotsuba tago, Nanja Monja No Ki, Place of Origin: Japan ~ Korea Peninsula ~ China, Living Type: large fallen leaves tree, height: 20-25 m, tree diameter: 50 - 70 cm, stem: vertical cut into gray brown ground, leaf color: green, leaf height: 5 cm, leaf shape: sharp pointed ellipse Shape, leaves: Birth, leaf stalk: with long stems, leaves: with brown hair, leaf margin: all edges, flowering period: late April to mid May, flaky form: spatula, floret color: pure white, wreath : Fruit type: stone fruit shape, fruit shape: oval shape, fruit shape: fruit seed: August, fruit diameter: 1 to 2 cm, flower shape: Fruit color: green → black ripe, breeding method: seedling, cuttings, seedling ~ flowering period: 8 years, use: park tree, flower bed, potted plant, remarks: 1825 botanist Toyofumi
Mizutani discovered and named, endangered species II (VU).

Detailed information

C. retusus
Flower type
Actinomorphic Flower
Flower array
Petal shape
Leaf type
Leaf edge
Entire Fringe
Flowering place
GardenBotanic gardenGraveyard、TempleparkPot flower
2000 ~ 2500 [cm]
10 ~ 10

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