Flowering dogwood 'Stellar Pink'

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    Flowering dogwood 'Stellar Pink' @ Hamanako Garden Park(Pacific Flora 2004)

Basic information

Flower Name
Flowering dogwood 'Stellar Pink'
Formal Name
Cornus x rutgan
rutgers , Cornus rutgan, Stellar Pink
Horticultural species native to North America
Hardy deciduous small and tall trees


What is Flowering dogwood 'Stellar Pink'

Hybrid dogwood (scientific name: Cornus x rutgers) is a garden cultivar of dogwood, which is a cold-resistant and disease resistant deciduous low-tall tree of the family Cornaceae. Professor Rutgers at New Jersey State University in the USA is a hybrid / dogwood that mated and nurtured Flowering dogwood (Hanamizuki, scientific name: Cornus florida) and {{Cornus kousa}}(Yamaboushi, scientific name: Cornus kousa). This is called the 'Stellar series'. The Stella series are registered trademarks, and each variety is patent application pending or US patent patented. By making it hybrid, the tree shape has been improved, growth has become faster, a lot of flowers bloom, disease resistance (overcoming powdery mildew of weak point of dogwood), cold resistance / shade resistance increased. Stellar Pink (Scientific name: Cornus x 'Rutgan') is a breed of flower color (actually bract color) is a peach color variety, crossing a thin pink 'Flowering dogwood' and a white 'Cornus kousat'. Flowers (bracts) which blurred pale pink color to white ground will bloom in spring to summer, and autumn leaves in autumn. What looks like a petal is a rounded bract and slightly overlaps with the next one. The real flower is a plain yellow mass in the center. It is used for street trees, garden trees and memorial trees. Varieties include the following items.

General name: Hybrid dogwood, Scientific name: Cornus x rutgers, Origin: North America Eastern Distribution: Japan from Hokkaido to Okinawa, Life Type: Deciduous Low Builders, Height: 2 to 10 m, Single Leaf, Leaf: Leaf shape: egg shape or wide egg shape, flower shape (Actually, total bract piece): the tip of the total bract piece dented with four valve flowers, flower color (Actually, total bract piece): peach, flower diameter (Actually, total bract piece): 5 ~ 10 cm, flowering period: May-June, real inflorescence: head flower place, true flower shape: 4 regent flowers, true flower flower diameter: 0.5 cm, true flower color: yellow green, fruit type: Stone fruit (complex fruit), fruit color: red.

Detailed information

C. 'Rutgan'
Flower type
Actinomorphic Flower
Flower array
Double Cymes
Petal shape
Leaf type
Leaf edge
Entire Fringe
Flowering place
Pink, Yellow
200 ~ 1000 [cm]
5 ~ 10

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