Mirabilis jalapa

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    Mirabilis jalapa @ Kojimachi
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    Mirabilis jalapa @ Koto-ku(Tokyo)
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    Mirabilis jalapa @ Koto-ku(Tokyo)
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    Mirabilis jalapa @ Kikukawa ,Sumidaku,Tokyo,Japan
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    Mirabilis jalapa @ Koto-ku(Tokyo)
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    Mirabilis jalapa @ Koto-ku(Tokyo)
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    Mirabilis jalapa @ Koto-ku(Tokyo)
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    Mirabilis jalapa @ Koto-ku(Tokyo)

Basic information

Flower Name
Mirabilis jalapa
Formal Name
Mirabilis jalapa
marvel of Peru
Mexico and Peru
annual or perenial grass


What is Mirabilis jalapa

Oscilibana (white flour, scientific name: Mirabilis jalapa) is native to Mexico and Peru and is an annual grass or perennial grass of the the family nyctaginaceae . It is strong, and easy to grow. It can be seen in the garden and the roadside all over Japan.
From early summer to autumn, evening around 4 o'clock to around 10 o'clock of the next morning, let flowers bloom in small branches full of branches. The flower is a trumpet shape of 2 to 3 cm and the tip is split 5. Flower color has red, peach, white, yellow, restoration color, there are also varieties with different color flowers in one stock. However, in fact, there are no petals, the one that looks like a flower is calyx. Also, what is in the base of the flower and looks like calyx is a total bract. It smells with moth flowers and attracts moths like tin maegas and pollinates. After the flowers, like a black, round bell shaped seed put in the general bract, when ripe it will fall to the ground and breed. Among the seeds, there is something like white powder called endosperm.

Mirabilis of the genus name was attached from the meaning of "genus Eubilea", jalapa of species epithet "from the town of Mexico 'Yarappa'". The Japanese name was belong to seed that gives a fragrance like white powder. The English name 'Four o'clock flower' was belong to what it blooms around 4 o'clock. Although the Chinese name is also called "landmine flower" because the shape of the seed resembles landmines.
The flower language is "I think of you". Is it because quietly and discreet flowers bloom at night? Roots and seeds have poison called trigonellin, while roots and leaves are used for traditional Chinese medicine.

General: Mirabilis jalapas, Scientific name:Mirabilis jalapa, Also known as : Oshiroibana, four o'clock flower, marvel of Peru, Origin: Mexico and Peru, plant height: 100 cm, leaf shape: egg-like triangle, leaf order: viable, flower size: 2 to 3 cm, flower color: red · peach · white · yellow, flowering Period: late June to October, uses: for ornamental, medicinal.

Detailed information

M. jalapa
Flower language
And you think (Jul 28, Aug 01, Aug 02, Aug 23)
Flower type
Actinomorphic Flower
Flower array
Petal shape
Leaf type
Leaf edge
Entire Fringe
Flowering place
Red, Pink, Yellow, White
100 ~ 100 [cm]
2 ~ 3

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