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Chinese fringe flower

Basic information
Flower Name
Chinese fringe flower
Formal Name
Loropetalum chinese var. rubra
赤花常盤万作, Chinese fringe bush, 紅花常盤万作, 紅花常盤万作
Cold-resistant Evergreen small trees
Chinese fringe flower (Scientific name: Loropetalum chinese var. Rubra) is native to China and is a pink flower variety of the cold-resistant evergreen small tree "Loropetalum {Tokiwa Mansaku}}" which is a cold-tolerant evergreen small tree. It branches well, and the tree height is not as high as that of Tokiwamansaku. The leaves are in the shape of a single leaf, and hair grows densely in the shiny cortex. The leaves alternate with the branches, and there are no serrations on the leaf edges.
The young leaves are reddish purple, and there are green leaves that turn green as they grow, and red leaves that keep red.
In spring, it forms a small inflorescence consisting of three to five small, fragrant, bright red shiny thin vinyl flowers. The flower length is 2 to 5 cm, and there are 4 petals and 4 stamens. After the flower, it has an egg-shaped effect and ripens in late summer and early fall. The fruit contains black long egg-shaped seeds.
The scientific name Loropetalum (Loroperalum) is a string-like flower with Loron (leather) and Petalon (petal), and rubra (rubra) is Greek in meaning of "red", and Chinese is from the origin .
Please also refer to 'Chinese fringe flower(BenibanaTokiwa Mansaku)' in Kagiken WEB (Senior version of Kagiken Flower DataBase).
Common name:Chinese fringe flower, scientific name: Loropetalum chinese var. rubra, Common name: safflower Tokiwamansaku (Akahana Tokiwa Mansaku), Scientific name: Loropetalum chinese var. Rubra (Loropetalum Chinese 'Lubra'), aka: Akabana Tokiwamansaku, Chinese fringe bush, Origin: China, Habitat distribution: Japan, China, India, Living form: evergreen small tall tree, Tree height: 100 to 150 cm, Tree view: Many branches, Single leaf , Leaf: Shiny in cortex, Leaf: Oval, Leaf: 5 cm, Leaf: purple-red (young leaf) → green (green leaf type) → crimson (red-leaf type), phylogeny: alternate, leaf rim: full rim , Flower color: red, purple red, peach, flowering season: March-May, 4 petals, petal form: ribbon shape, petal length: 2 to 5 cm, male number: 4 use, garden tree, park tree , Medicinal.
Detailed information
L. chinese var. rubra
Flower type
Actinomorphic Flower
Flower array
Spike Inflorescence
Petal shape
Leaf type
Leaf edge
Entire Fringe
Flowering place
Garden Botanic garden park
Red, Pink
Mar Apr May
100  ~ 150  [cm]
2  ~ 5