Aechmea fasciata

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    Aechmea fasciata @ Yumenoshima Tropical Greenhouse Dome
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    Aechmea fasciata @ Yumenoshima Tropical Greenhouse Dome
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    Aechmea fasciata @ Hawaii Island(Big Iland)

Basic information

Flower Name
Aechmea fasciata
Formal Name
Aechmea fasciata
Aechmea blanchetiana, Silver vase, friendship plant
Rio de Janeiro
evergreen perennial, epiphytic plants


What is Aechmea fasciata

Aechmea fasciata or silver vase (scientific name: Aechmea fasciata) is an evergreen perennial and epiphytic plants of the family Bromeliaceae native to Rio de Janeiro in Brazil. It is a representative species of coral bromeliads. Watch the white horizontal stripes of dark green leaves and pink flowers bracts. Can Rosetta-stretched from the tip, long, thick stalk out of leaves of a rigid central inflorescence grows from the roots when looks like pink flower-shaped pine trees shade flower bracts (leaves deformed ones). The actual flowers are purple bracts are small out. You can wiping the leaves there are white horizontal lines. Leaf margin is stinging and not and. Anniversary appreciation can look like small purple flowers bloom, is 7 months from May to October, but flowers pink flower bracts.

Common name: Aechmea fasciata, scientific name: Aechmea fasciata , aka: Silver vase, friendship plant Queen ' s-tears, origin: Rio de Janeiro, environment: arboreal epiphytes, living plant: Evergreen perennial, flowering time 40-60 cm, with leaves: Rosetta at the base to store water, leaves: 20-30, Leaf length: 40-60 cm, leaf width: 3-5 cm, leaf black spines with the leaf color: dark green leaves white striped: leaves thick and long with rigid leaf: Broadband linear tip round, ornamental ending: January-December (plants), inflorescence type: head-shaped panicle and panicles, inflorescence length: 6-10 cm, Flower size: 15-20 cm, that margin to serrated, flower bract colors: pink, flower color: purple floral bracts lanceolate in. Petal count: 3, calyx: 3, petals: opening, ending in three days, the number of stamens 6, stem length: 10-20 cm, flowering time: May-July, breeding: seedling

Detailed information

A. fasciata
Flower language
Affection of the longing ()
Flower type
Actinomorphic Flower
Flower array
Petal shape
capitate corolla
Leaf type
Wide linear
Leaf edge
Flowering place
Pink, Violet
40 ~ 60 [cm]
0.5 ~ 0.7

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