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Formal Name
Canna indeica hybrid
Canna, 花カンナ
Tropical and subtropical America
semi-cold-resistant perennial bulb plant
Canna (Scientific name: Canna indeica hybrid) is a semi-cold-resistant perennial bulb plant in the family Cannaceae native to a (semi) tropical America. It came to Japan early in the Edo period and spread throughout the country. Leaves have a wide width, long and shiny, and the tip is elliptical in shape. Leaf color is usually green, but many varieties such as varieties with yellow and green stripes and white varieties are bred. From summer to autumn, colorful and distinctive flowers bloom. Those that look like petals are deformed five of the six stamens, the other one plays the role of stamen, the feeling of flowers is gladiolus. There are {{water canna}} in a flower similar to this species and leaves. However, Mizukanna was a different department (Suzuki family), it was only named because of the similarity of leaves. further more Information on Canna.
Common name: Canna, Scientific name: Canna indeica hybrid, Canna indica var. Orientalis, aka: Canna lily, Origin: tropical · subtropical America, plant height: 50 cm (polar dwarf species) - 100 cm (dwarf species) - 250 cm (high height species), leaf shape: oblong shape, leaf color: green Copper color · variegated, leaves: alternate, flowering period: mid-July to early October, inflorescence form: general inflorescence, flower size: 5-20 cm, flower color: red · white · peach · yellow · light yellow · orange · Yellow and red spotted pattern / multiple color, seed color: black.
【Difference between Canna and Gladiolus】
● Gladiolus has a narrow leaf width, whereas Canna has a broad leaf width.
● The leaf color has a beautiful leaf color / pattern that can pass as well as a viewing plant aside from green, whereas Gladiolus is only green.
● With flowers, Gladiolus is flocked in one row, whereas Canna will solidify and bloom rather.
● In flower color, Gladiolus has almost all colors except black, while Canna has only the above flower color, and you can not see flower color such as blue or purple.
Detailed information
C. indeica hybrid
Flower type
Non Generic Flower
Flower array
Racemous Inflorescence
Petal shape
Leaf type
Leaf edge
Flowering place
Red, Pink, Orange, Yellow, Cream, White
Jul Aug Sep Oct
50  ~ 250  [cm]
5  ~ 20