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    oak @ Jogasaki coast
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Basic information

Flower Name
Formal Name
Quercus serrata
East Asia
Deciduous broad-leaved tree


What is oak

Oak (scientific name: Quercus serrata) is a native of East Asia and is deciduous broadleaf trees of the family Fagaceae. It is known as a representative species of miscellaneous forests. The bark is dark gray and can tear vertically, so its surface resembles the garter mesh of a sweater. Cedar grows shallow roots compared to above ground, whereas this species has a thicker root and stretches deeper into the ground. Especially since the main roots develop firmly, there is little risk of collapsing in typhoons and heavy rain. The leaves are green, but in autumn they turn yellow leaves or autumn leaves, they wither, turn brown winter, and fall in leaves in the spring. In the spring, the male flower blooming in a small tassel shape light green. Female flower is yellowish brown small and not conspicuous, but it solidifies upward and blooms. Fruits (acorn) covered with hats (shellfish) are made in autumn. Acorns are initially green and round, but when they mature they grow elongated and become brown, eventually falling. Wood is used as park trees, firewood charcoal, logs of shiitake mushrooms, and acorn is made into powder after being stripped out.

Generic name: oak, Scientific name: Quercus serrata, origin: East Asia, distribution area: Hokkaido excluding Okinawa ~ Kyushu throughout Japan, Korea, China, Environment: Miscellaneous forest, Living type: Deciduous broad-leaved trees, height: 20 to 25 m, tree diameter: 20 to 25 cm, bark color: gray, leaf height: 5 to 15 cm, leaves Leaf shape: oblong, leaf edge: large pointed sawtooth, leaf color: green (front), light green (reverse) and autumn leaves in yellow or vermillion, autumn leaves: alternate, petiole: long (1 cm) , Leaf blade base shape: round shape, female and male stem · different sexual flower, male flower color: yellow brown, female flower color: brownish, male inflorescence length: 8 cm, flowering period: April to May, fruit type: nuts and fruit season : Autumn, fruit length: 2 cm, fruit shape: elongated ellipse, shelloid: scaly and shallow.

Detailed information

Q. serrata
Flower type
Flower array
Petal shape
no petal
Leaf type
Leaf edge
Flowering place
Low mountain
Green, Orange
2000 ~ 2500 [cm]
0.5 ~ 1

Daily Ranking

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