Japanese quince

Chaenomeles japonica

  • Japanese quince
  • Japanese quince
  • Japanese quince
  • Japanese quince
  • Japanese quince
  • Japanese quince
  • Japanese quince
  • Japanese quince
  • Flower name
    Japanese quince
  • Scientific name
    Chaenomeles japonica
  • AliasJapanese quince, シドミ, 草木瓜, flowering-quince
  • Place of originJapan
  • Place of floweringGarden
  • Flowering seasonMarch, April

What is Japanese quince

Japanese quince (scientific name: Chaenomeles japonica) refers to the blur of Japanese origin, among the fallen leaf shrubs "Boke" of the Rosaceae family. Japanese quince is native to the field of Japan. In the spring, it spread the scattering inflorescences and bundle 3-5 small florets from the axilla. The blur of Chinese origin is called Chinese quince (C. speciosa). Japanese quince (C. japonica) is smaller overall than Chinese quince(C. speciosa). In general, what we have improved over the past few years in the Japanese calendula that came from the People 's Heian era is called "boke" , and various varieties have been produced.

Common name: Japanese quince, Scientific name: Chaenomeles japonica, aka: Boke , flowering-quince, Japanese-quince, Maule's quince, Kusa-boke, origin: Japan, habitat distribution: Honshu - Kyushu, life type: deciduous shrub, bark: dark brown, height: 50 cm, stock: upright, branch: spinous, leaf shape: ellipse Shape and leaf margin: sawtooth, leaf order: alternate, leaf length: 4 to 8 cm, sex equinus, inflorescence type: scattering inflorescence, flower size: 2.5 to 4 cm, flower color: red vermilion, flowering period: April, fruit shape: spherical shape, fruit diameter: 5 to 7 cm, fruit length: 10 cm, fruit color: yellow agar, fruiting: July to August, use: bonsai, garden tree, fruit is liquor and painkiller.

  • Order
  • Family
  • Genus
  • Species
    C. japonica
  • Type of flower
    Radial symmetrical flower
  • Array of flower
    Corymbose inflorescence
  • Petal shape
  • Leaf type
  • Edge of the leaf
  • Life typeDeciduous shrub
  • Flower colorsOrange Red
  • Colors of the leavesGreen
  • Fruit colorGreen
  • Height50.0 ~ 50.0 cm
  • Diameter of flower2.5 ~ 4.0 cm

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