Primula genus

The primrose family

There are many species of primrose flowers. Here are some representative varieties. Primula sieboldii or Japanese primrose (scientific name: Primula sieboldii) , Cowslip(scientific name:Primula veris), Rebun-kozakura(scientific name:Primula farinosa subsp. modesta var. matsumurae), Primula obconica (scientific name: Primula obconica) , Primula polyantha (Scientific name: Primula polyantha) , Primula juliana (Primula × juliana), Primula marginata or solver edged primrose(Scientific name: Primura marginata) , Primula japonica, Japanese primrose or kurinsou (scientific name:Primula japonica) , Primula malacoides comonly called as Fairy primrose or Baby Primrose (scientific name: Primula malacoides)

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