Quercus palustris

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    Quercus palustris @ Tokyo Metropolitan Jindai Botanical Park

Basic information

Flower Name
Quercus palustris
Formal Name
Quercus palustris
Pin oak, Quercus palustris, Swamp oak, Water oak, Swamp Spanish oak
North America and Canada
deciduous broad-leaved tree


What is Quercus palustris

Quercus palustris, or commonly called as pin oak , swamp oak、water oak、or swamp Spanish oak (Scientific name: Quercus palustris) is a deciduous broad-leaved tree of the genus Quercus, native to Canada and North America. The trunk is upright, branches well, and the tree shape becomes a pyramid shape. The leaves have a unique shape, with the oval leaf edges irregularly 7-9 deeply split and the shape between the leaves is U-shaped. It is a fellow of North American red oak that turns deep red in autumn. In spring, as soon as the leaves come out, female and male flowers bloom from the leaves. The male inflorescences hang down in a long tail, and the female inflorescences are short and are attached to the leaves of the current branch. None of the flowers have petals, only buds. The small acorns have a spherical shape with alternating black and brown stripes. A pin is a stake, and it depends on the material being used as a stake on the ranch.

Common name: Quercus palustris, scientific name: Quercus palustris, also known as: American oak, Swamp oak, Water oak, Swamp Spanish oak, Place of Origin: Canada and North America, Environment: Swamp, Living Type: Deciduous broad-leaved tree , Tree Height: 20-30 m, Tree Shape: Well Branched and Pyramid, Stem: Upright, Bark: Grayish brown with many vertical rifts, material: heavy but many small nodes, leaf shape: oval and U-shaped tear, leaf quality: light, leaf color: green to autumn leaves, leaf blades: 10-20 cm, leaf rim: irregularly 7-9 deep cracks, inflorescence: alternate, leaf vein: clear, petiole: long, flowering period: April to May, blooming location: separate male and female flowers from leaf buds Put out, petals: no male and female, flower color (male): green → yellow, male inflorescence: catkin inflorescence, fruit: acorn, fruit shape: spherical . Black and brown vertical stripes alternate, acorn length: 1.5 cm, acorn hat (shell): shallow, diameter 1.7 cm, use: building materials, fuel, street trees, park trees, remarks: deep red in autumn A fellow of North American Red Oak.

Detailed information

Q. palustris
Flower type
Flower array
Petal shape
no petal
Leaf type
Leaf edge
Flowering place
Botanic gardenHokkaidoparkstreet, planting
Green, Yellow
2000 ~ 3000 [cm]

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