Bank's Rose

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    Bank's Rose @ Saruie Imperial Park
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    Bank's Rose @ Kyoto Botanical Garden
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    Bank's Rose @ East Gardens of th Imperial Palace
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    Bank's Rose @ Saruie Imperial Park
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    Bank's Rose @ Saruie Imperial Park

Basic information

Flower Name
Bank's Rose
Formal Name
Rosa banksiae
Banksia rose
Hardy Evergreen vine and shrub


What is Bank's Rose

Bank's Rose, or Mokko bara (scientific name: Rosa banksiae) is a cold-resistant evergreen shrub of the family Rosaceae native to China. i> rose is the original type. In early summer, pale yellow or white florets bloom. Flowers have single flowering and double flowering. There are no sting in double-bloom, there is a sting in single-blooming. White flowers have fragrances, but there is no fragrance in double flowering. Typical varieties include the following, but a lot of these garden cultivars are on the market.
● Typical varieties
Rosa banksiae var.banksiae (Rosa banksiae var.banksiae) is a cultivar developed in China, almost half of the stamens are converted into flower petals, half-double or double-bloom,
Rosa Banksia rutescens (scientific name: Rosa banksiae f. Lutescens Voss) is a single bloom of yellow mockybara,
Rosa banksiae f. Lutea Rehder refers to this species when it is said to speak of Mokko Bull, which is double-bloom of yellow mockybara.
Rosa Banksia Normaris (Rosa banksiae var. Normalis) is a single bloom of white mockybara,
Rosa banksiae Aiton 'Alba' is double-blossomed white mockybara.
Name: Rosa banksiae, scientific name: Rosa banksiae f. Lutescens Voss, aka: Mokko bara , Bank's Rose, Place of Origin: China, Plant Length: 100 to 700 cm, Leaf stem: no spine, leaf shape: odd feather-like compound leaflet, 3 to 5 leaflets, leaf shape: oblong shape with a blunt tip, serrated: with fine sawtooth, leaf blade: 3 to 4 cm, leaf color: deep green Flower color: yellow · white, inflorescence type: 10 to 15 small floral in scattered inflorescence (flower color): green (leaves), crest form: falling out before flowering and falling out before flowering, flowering period: May Wearing, corolla diameter: 3 cm, Feature: It is a rose 's friend, but without spines, it is strong and easy to grow, Use: Garden arch, fence.

Detailed information

R. banksiae
Flower language
Someone who deserves you (May 16)
Flower type
Actinomorphic Flower
Flower array
Petal shape
Leaf type
Imparipinnate-Compound Leaf
Leaf edge
Flowering place
GardenBotanic gardenparkcultivated variety Pot flower
Cream, White
100 ~ 700 [cm]
2 ~ 3

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