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Basic information

Flower Name
Formal Name
Iris tectorum
Roof iris, Crested iris, Wall Iris
hardy and heat resistant perennial grass


What is Ichihatsu

Ichihatsu or commonly called by Wall Iris (scientific name: Iris tectorum) is a hardy and heat resistant perennial grass of the family Iridaceae native to China from Myanmar. It is a member of Iris where it came from China in the Edo period to Japan. Blooming quickly is the origin of the name. Branching well with a single axis. The leaves are sword-like, the leaf width is 4 cm wide (this is the characteristic), the leaf quality is not shiny, it hangs down from the middle. The flower cover is radially symmetrical, the size of the outer flower cover (outer large petal) and the inner flower cover are different. The characteristic of the flower is that it has a yellowish white crown-like protrusion at the center of the base of the outer flowering piece. Petals contain dark purple veins and spots in blue purple ground, but rarely white flowers. The species name of tectorum is a Latin word meaning "roof", and in the past it was planted in the roof to prevent the wind. In addition to garden planting, potting plants, the roots are dried, and it is used as flower material for Ikebana in Chinese medicine.

Common name: Ichihatsu, Scientific name: Iris tectorum, aka: Wall Iris, tectorum, Roof iris, Crested iris, Origin: from China to Myanmar, growing environment: wet land, life type: hard and heat resistant perennials, plant height: 30 to 60 cm, leaves Shape: long pincup shape (sword shape), leaf width: 4 cm, leaf quality: glossy, it drips off mid, leaf tip: sharp but soft but not sticky, flower stem: well branched on single axis, flower diameter: 10 cm, Flower attachment: Good, flowering period: April to May, petal color: deep purple veins and spots enter the blue violet ground (rare white flower), flower coat: radial symmetry, outer flower coat (large outer petal) Inner flower coat: Different sizes, yellowish white crown-like protrusions are present at the center of the base of the outer flower piece, Remarks: Era brought over from China, applications: the roots are dried in the traditional Chinese medicine, flower arrangement.

Detailed information

I. tectorum
Flower type
Actinomorphic Flower
Flower array
Solitary Inflorescence
Petal shape
Leaf type
Leaf edge
Entire Fringe
Flowering place
rice field
Violet, White
30 ~ 60 [cm]
10 ~ 10

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