Rice plant

National flower of Cambodia

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Basic information

Flower Name
Rice plant
Formal Name
Oryza sativa
Rice plant
South Asia such as India, China, and Oceania
Tropical perennial grass


What is Rice plant

Rice plant , scientific name:Oryza sativa, is a tropical annual grass of the department Poaceae Oryza genus native to South Asia such as India, China, and Oceania . Is a Japanese rice. Plant is called rice crop, rice. Recently, varieties, are grown throughout Japan. The summer harvest in the fall, consisting of flowers after blooming flower green yellow fruit (Caryopsis). Yellow the leaves of Miscanthus sinensis (thin) wall thickness as thin as slender, green in the rice planting season, but will be at harvest time. Took the chaff from rice, genmai (brown rice) and a nice nutritious Brown rice food as health food. The milled Brown rice, rice said. The surface layer of the grain pericarp removed in this case, seed coat and germ and bran says. Say the rice bran and wheat if says wheat bran, wheat bran, barley. Brand of cooking my rice, etc.. Polished rice and sake. Yamada Nishiki is known to the fortified rice. We daily eat glutinous rice is rice. Use glutinous rice to make rice cake. Mirin is shochu steamed sticky rice Plus rice, high-frequency, and the aged. Cooking rice is fried rice, paella and risotto rice, crowds, porridge, and scorched food. Artifact of rice vermicelli, on there powdered, rice cakes and crackers. Rope is pulled the straw dried after harvesting. Straw is also material of the core dolls, zori, straw mat and rice, mud.

Common name: Rice plant, scientific name:Oryza sativa, national flower: Cambodia,origin: India, China, South Asia, Oceania, environment: production: Japan national, fields, paddy fields, Life: tropical year grass (perennial), plant height: 50-100 cm, leaves: lanceolate, green, leaf, inflorescence shape: conical inflorescence / compound raceme (panicle). Spike length:0.6~0.8cm, color: green, flowering period: July - August, Corolla: spikelets flower (eiか), fruiting period: September - October, fruit color: white

Detailed information

O. sativa
Flower type
Actinomorphic Flower
Flower array
Petal shape
Leaf type
Leaf edge
Flowering place
rice field
50 ~ 100 [cm]
0.6 ~ 0.8

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