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    Carnation @ My home
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    Moondust deep blue
    Carnation @ Hamanako Garden Park(Pacific Flora 2004)
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    Carnation @ My home
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    Carnation @ Hotel in Niigata
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    Carnation @ Hamanako Garden Park(Pacific Flora 2004)
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    Carnation @ Kagiken
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    Carnation @ My home
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    Carnation @ My home
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    Carnation @ Restaurant
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    Carnation @ Tokyo
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    Carnation @ My home
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    Carnation @ Kagiken
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    Carnation @ Kyoto Botanical Garden
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    Carnation @ My home
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    Carnation @ Kagiken
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    Carnation @ Kagiken
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    Carnation @ Hakobe Botanical Garden
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    Carnation @ Kagiken

Basic information

Flower Name
Formal Name
Dianthus caryophyllus
Gardening kind (as for the progenitor Southern Europe and the Mediterranean Sea coast)
cold-resistant perennial grass


What is Carnation

Carnation (Scientific name: Dianthus caryophyllus) is a cold-resistant perennial grass and gardening kind of the family Caryophyllaceae. It is a garden cultivar breeded by mating breed and daianthus etc. In recent years, new varieties that have been produced by genetic recombination are on the rise. When systematically classified, there are three types, Standard type, Spray type, Pot type. Standard carnation is one for a cut flower, with one flower on the stem of a double bowl. Spray carnation is branched stems and is distributed as cut flowers, just like the standard type. Pot carnation is a dwarf variety of seasonal flowers and seasonal flowers and is used for pot flowers. Eight double flowers bloom in spring. Flower color is abundant such as red, white, pink, purple, yellow. Speaking of carnation, red is considered a staple of gifts for flowers on Mother's Day. In 1914 , Mother's Day was enacted in the American Christian Association in the second week Sunday of May every year and then spread to Japan afterwards. For the enactment of Mother's Day, a woman named Anna Jarvis who lived in the United States is involved. She started a campaign to devote her mother's holiday by dedicating a carnation her mother liked when her respected mother died and a memorial ceremony was held at the church. Her mother did medical service in the Civil War era and she gave a handful careless hand without enemy ally. The color of the carnation it was dedicated at the memorial ceremony was white in the sense of memorizing the deceased. When mother's day began and a habit of giving a carnation, there was a suggestion from Anna, White for the deceased one, red for the living one.

■ Flower language-The red carnation is "love for mother". Pink carnation is a "beautiful behavior" .

Common name: Carnation, Scientific name: Dianthus caryophyllus, Place of Origin: Horticultural variety (original species in southern Europe and the Mediterranean coast), Plant height: 10-30 cm, Flowering stage: April to May, Flower diameter: 3-8 cm, Flower color: Red, peach, yellow, white ・ Orange ・ Purple.

Detailed information

D. caryophyllus
Flower language
Deep love, red flowers are love for mother, pink flowers are beautiful (Jan 11, May 12, May 15, Jun 15, Nov 20)
Flower type
Actinomorphic Flower
Flower array
Petal shape
Leaf type
Leaf edge
Flowering place
GardenCt flower・Flower arrangementPot flower
Red, Pink, Orange, Yellow, White
10 ~ 30 [cm]
3 ~ 8

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