Royal Poinciana

Delonix regia

  • Royal Poinciana
  • Royal Poinciana
  • Royal Poinciana
  • Royal Poinciana
  • Royal Poinciana
  • Royal Poinciana
  • Royal Poinciana
  • Royal Poinciana
  • Flower name
    Royal Poinciana
  • Scientific name
    Delonix regia
  • AliasRoyal Poinciana, Flam Tree, Flamboyant, 鳳凰木, ロイヤル・ポインシアナ
  • Place of originMadagascar distribution
  • Place of floweringSubtropical region
  • Flowering seasonMay, June, July, August, September, October
  • Language of flowersForever

What is Royal Poinciana

Royal Poinciana(Scientific name: Delonix regia) is a tropical deciduous tree of the genus Delonix (Fabaceae) native to Madagascar. From early summer to autumn, it continues to produce butterfly-shaped, bright vermilion-red inflorescences. The tree is shade-shaped and well-defined, with many large compound leaves. It is cool under the tree even in summer, and is a favorite resting place in tropical regions. The green leaves resemble ferns and look cool, contrasting beautifully with the large, bright red flowers. The flowers are large, with protruding stamens and pistils, and the crown of the tree turns a brilliant scarlet color when the flowers are at their peak. After the flowers, large, sword-shaped pods (pods or pea pods) hang from the branches. The capsules turn black over time and have a strange, twisted appearance that is a little eerie. In tropical regions, it is planted as a roadside tree, and its seeds are used for food, leis, and necklaces. Its flowers are used to make a yellow dye, its sap is a substitute for gum arabic, and its wood is useful for building.

The world's three major tropical flowering trees

All are used as street trees on Maui.
African tulip tree(Spathodea campanulata)
Jacaranda(Jacaranda mimosifolia)
Royal Poinciana or Flamboyant(Delonix regia)

General name: Royal Poinciana , scientific name:Delonix regia, also known as: Royal Poinciana, Flamboyant,Flam Tree,origin: Madagascar, distribution: Japan's Okinawa, Taiwan, and Hawaii, tropical and subtropical regions, height: 10-15 m, leaf color: dark green, flower diameter: 10 cm Flower color: red , flowering period: May to October, pod width: 5 cm, pod length: 40-50 cm.

  • Order
  • Family
  • Genus
  • Species
  • Type of flower
    Left-right symmetrical flower
  • Array of flower
    Gross inflorescence
  • Petal shape
    Butterfly shape
  • Leaf type
    2 times pinnate compound leaf
  • Edge of the leaf
  • Life typeTropical deciduous tree
  • Flower colorsRed
  • Colors of the leavesGreen
  • Fruit color
  • Height1000.0 ~ 1500.0 cm
  • Diameter of flower10.0 ~ 10.0 cm

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