Ilex aquifolium

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  • Holly
  • Flower name
  • Scientific name
    Ilex aquifolium
  • Alias西洋柊, European holly, English holly, holly, common holly, ホーリー, クリスマスホーリー, ヒイラギモチ, Christmas holly
  • Place of originEurope
  • Place of floweringPotted flower, Ornamental plants
  • Flowering seasonApril, May, June, July

What is Holly

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Holly, scientific name:Ilex aquifolium, is a Small Evergreen shrub of the Aquifoliaceae Department of the Ilex genus native to Southwest Asia, Europe, North Africa . And leaves out the older all rim and with alternate leaf edge. 4 dioecious White Spring Flower bloom, fall-winter, red spherical fruits, are used for Christmas decorations.

Common name: Holly, scientific name:Ile aquifolium, aka: Chinese Holley, Christmas Holly,holly common, European holly, English holly, fruit: drupe, red ball The:0.6~1cm fruit diameter and fruiting period: October-December, uses: Christmas wreath, Topiary, flowers, trees and hedges

  • Order
  • Family
  • Genus
  • Species
    I. aquifolium
  • Type of flower
    Radial symmetrical flower
  • Array of flower
    Cluster inflorescence
  • Petal shape
    4 petals
  • Leaf type
  • Edge of the leaf
  • Life typeSmall Evergreen shrub
  • Flower colorsWhite
  • Colors of the leavesGreen
  • Fruit colorRed
  • Height500.0 ~ 800.0 cm
  • Diameter of flower0.5 ~ 0.6 cm

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