Pseuderanthemum carruthersii

Pseuderanthemum reticulatum

  •  Pseuderanthemum carruthersii
  •  Pseuderanthemum carruthersii
  •  Pseuderanthemum carruthersii
  •  Pseuderanthemum carruthersii
  •  Pseuderanthemum carruthersii
  •  Pseuderanthemum carruthersii
  • Flower name
    Pseuderanthemum carruthersii
  • Scientific name
    Pseuderanthemum reticulatum
  • Alias拟美花, 瑠璃花笠擬, Pseuderanthemum carruthersii, Pseuderanthemum reticulatum, レティキュラタム
  • Place of origintropical regions
  • Place of floweringGarden, Potted flower, Ornamental plants
  • Flowering seasonAugust, September, October
  • Language of flowersFriendship

What is Pseuderanthemum carruthersii

Pseuderanthemum carruthersii (scientific name: Pseuderanthemum carruthersii or Pseuderanthemum reticulatum) is native to tropical regions and is an evergreen small shrub of the family Acanthaceae. Leaf veins and leaves change from green to yellow, similar to Garden croton. When it is put on sun it develops color and it gathers compactly, however if it is shade it will be long and color will be bad. Flowers are like Orchidaceae. From summer to autumn, white spiked flowers are blooming from the shoot apex and leaf axil to extend the spikes. The flowers have a high cup shape, the petals are white and the tip seems to be split 4, but in reality they are 5 fissures, the upper 2 fisss are thin and close to one and look like one. There is red purpura in the throat. The genus name "Pseuderanthemum" is the Latin "pseudo" (fake) + Eranthemum (genus Lulihanagasa), which means the genus. The species "reticulatum" means (mesh). Flower language is "friendship". Although the flower name was similar to Eranthemum pulchellum, it was attached as a pseudo, but even with the same Rranthemum, the "Pseuderanthemum [reticulatum]" is not very similar, and a variety of varieties that can bloom red purple flowers "Pseuderanthemum [laxiflorum]" is more similar. In Hawaii, the one with the same color flower and leaves considerably yellow was seen in resort areas and commercial facilities and was displayed under the name Pseuderanthemum or Yellow-vein. The scientific name was Pseuderanthemum carruthersii var. Carruthersii. Perhaps it is thought that it is only called by the current scientific name or the old scientific name (synonym) with the same flower (although it is slightly unknown which is "new").

Common name: Pseuderanthemum carruthersii or Pseuderanthemum reticulatum, Scientific name: Pseuderanthemum reticulatum, Synonym: Pseuderanthemum carruthersii, aka: Pseuderanthemum reticulatum, Reticulatum, Tree height: 50-200 cm, leaf color: green · yellow-green, leaf color: greenish yellow-green, red leaves, Leaf edge: leaf edge: all edges, leaf shape: oval, inflorescence form: spiked inflorescences, flower color: white background, throat part red purple, flower shape: high cup shape, flower size: 2 cm, viewing period: August to October (anniversary at warmer season).

  • Order
  • Family
  • Genus
  • Species
    P. carruthersii
  • Type of flower
    Left-right symmetrical flower
  • Array of flower
    Spikelet inflorescence
  • Petal shape
    High cup-shaped
  • Leaf type
  • Edge of the leaf
  • Life typeSmall Evergreen shrub
  • Flower colorsWhite
  • Colors of the leavesGreen
  • Fruit colorGreen
  • Height50.0 ~ 200.0 cm
  • Diameter of flower2.0 ~ 2.0 cm

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