Feature The seven flowers of autumn in Japan

As for the seven flowers of autumn, the seven kinds that Okura Yamanoueno wrote in a tanka of Manyoshu tanka collection from the flower which bloomed in autumn were chosen. Japanese pampas grass, perennial plant with yellow flowers of the family Valerianaceae Patrinia scabiosaefolia, bellflower, kudzu, pink, bush clover, thoroughwort

Bush clover
Bush clover(scientific name:Lespdeza sp.) isd eciduous shrub of Fabaceae family , Lespedeza genus...
Eupatorium japonicum_img
Eupatorium japonicum is a perennial grass of the Asteraceae department of eupatorium genus native...
Platycodon grandiflorus_img
Balloon flower
Balloon flower (scientific name:Platycodon grandiflorus) is native to Japan and China, is a peren...
Pueraria montana var. lobata_img
Pueraria montana lobata
Pueraria montana lobata is a perennial herb of the Fabaceae family ,of the Pueraria genus native ...
Miscanthus sinensis_img
Miscanthus sinensis
Miscanthus sinensis is a hardy perennial in the genus Miscanthus, Department Poaceae native to Ja...
Patrinia scabiosifolia_img
Patrinia scabiosifolia
Patrinia scabiosifolia is a perennial grass of the family valerianaceae native of Japan,Siberia t...
Dianthus superbus l. var. longicalycinus williams_img
Dianthus superbus
Dianthus superbus longicalycinus is a hardy evergreen perennials of the Caryophyllaceae departmen...

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