Perennials of the genus Asarum grow wild in dimly lit areas under trees and are surprisingly slow-growing. The plant is low in height and blooms by sticking to the ground.

List of species in the genus Asarum

Asarum nipponicum,Asarum megacalyx,Ryozan Kan-aoi,Asarum senkakuinsulare,Asarum minamitanianum,Asarum fudsinoi,Asarum asaroides,Asarum hatsushimaeAsarum aspera,Asarum maximum,Usuba saishin,Asarum senkakuinsulare,Tamano kan-aoi,Asarum nipponicum 'Silver leaf',Asarum caulescens,Asarum caulescens,Asarum unze,Asarum sakawanaum

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