Green flowers in December 2022

December is a time when there are almost no flowers, and even fewer green flowers, but there is one flower that starts blooming in this month.
This is the "Asarum fudsinoi or commonly called as Fujino Kan-Aoi (scientific name: Asarum fudsinoi) ," a type of Kan-aoi (hollyhock).
The flowers of this plant bloom on the ground, hidden by the leaves, and have a very plain appearance (actually, sepals). However, although they are not so simple, they are somehow fascinating, and perhaps because there are so many geeks, the Botanical Gardens holds an exhibition of Kan'aoi every year. I am also a fan of the can-aoi, and go out of my way to visit them.
In the greenhouse, the most green-flowered plants in December are orchids such as Paphiopedilums and Cymbidiums, as well as Kangaroo-paw (scientific name: Anigozanthos spp.), Red-and-Green Kangaroo-paw ) and Red-and-Green Kangaroo-paw (scientific name: Anigozanthos manglesii), as well as flowers of the family Haemodormaceae.

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