Japanese Iris list

Feature of "Japanese Iris, scientific name: Iris ensata var. Ensata"
Japanese Iris or Hana shoubu in Japanese is a part of the Japanese Iris variant which is a species of Iridaceae Pteridinius species that makes flowers bloom at the tip of a flower stalk which has been released early in the early summer. There are Edo, Ise, Higo, Nagai and foreign countries. It is similar to iris (iris) and okinibata (wood), and it is difficult to distinguish from each other, but in Hana shaw, a yellow eyed pattern is put in the hairline of the petal base (outer flower covered). Ayame enters a strand-like pattern, and okinawa pig can be judged by entering a pattern of white eyes. Iris, Hana shabu and Okinawa bata are Iryaceae, and Shobu is a plant of the Orchidaceae. From the early stage, the order of flowering will be Iyame → Okinawa Bata → Hana shiobu → Nohna shiobu.
Common name: Iris ensata var. Ensata, aka: Hana shoubu (iris), life type: , Plant height: 50 to 100 cm, leaf shape: sword shape, flowering period: 5 to July, flower diameter: 15 cm, flower color: purple · bluish purple · red purple · lilac · peach · yellow · white · covered ring · squeeze.

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