Phaseolus vulgaris

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Basic information

Flower Name
Phaseolus vulgaris
Formal Name
Phaseolus vulgaris
Phaseolus vulgaris, Common bean, kidney bean
Latin America
annual grass vegetable


What is Phaseolus vulgaris

Phaseolus vulgaris , Kidney bean or Common bean (scientific name: Phaseolus vulgaris) is native to Latin America and is a vegetable of an annual grass vegetable of the family Fabaceae In the summer, the inflorescence is extended from the leaf order, and 2 or 3 of 5 butterfly shaped flowers of butterfly shape peculiar to the legume are bloomed. Flower color has white, peach, yellow. The green young sheath (summer bean) that is produced in the summer can be boiled and eaten. In addition, the beans (seeds) which are matured and dried in the field are used for stewed dishes, bamboo bean paste, goodya, red rice and the like. The major production place in Japan is Hokkaido. Lectins contained in beans are said to have a diet effect, but it is necessary to perform sufficient heating. The name comes from the name of the Zen master, who is said to have brought Japanese beans to Japan. bean bean and so on.

Common bean, Phaseolus vulgaris , Kidney bean or Common bean, scientific name: Phaseolus vulgaris, Place of origin: Latin America, Living type: rice plant year grass, plant height: 50 (dwarf) to 300 cm, leaf height: 10 to 12 cm, leaf order: alternate, inflorescence form: : White, peach, yellow, flower size: 1.5 to 2 cm, flowering period: June to July, sheath length: 13 to 15 cm, seed length: 1.5 to 2 cm, harvest period: June to August.

Detailed information

P. vulgaris
Flower type
Zygomorphic Flower
Flower array
Racemous Inflorescence
Petal shape
Leaf type
Ternate-Compound Leaf
Leaf edge
Entire Fringe
Flowering place
Red, Pink, Violet, Yellow, White
50 ~ 300 [cm]
1.5 ~ 2

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