December Orange Blossom

December in 2022
This is a collection indication of orange grass flowers (including orange bracts) blooming in December in garden plants, potted plants, indoors, and in greenhouses.

December is the Christmas season! Christmas trees decorated a month in advance are hung with ornaments of reindeer, snowmen, gift boxes, etc., and orange lights twinkle in the sky. The warm lights on the trees along city streets, in shopping malls, and in house plantings light up the hearts of people. Unlike cold colors, which evoke a sense of sharpness and clarity, orange colors evoke a sense of generosity and warmth.
Poinsettia (scientific name: Euphorbia pulcherrima) is the most common flower seen this time of year. The parts of the flowers of this tree that look like flowers are not flowers but bracts that are discolored leaves. This is why the flowers last longer and bloom longer than normal flowers.
Another flower that blooms vigorously outdoors in winter is Aloe arborescens (scientific name:Aloe arborescens)). It may be the most famous winter flower, as it is hardy and does not seem to wither in a little while.

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