Brown flowers in November (2022)

Brown flowers in November (2022)
There were 12 brown flowers blooming in November. Silver-leaved Kan-aoi (scientific name:Asarum nipponicum 'Silver leaf' and Asarum nipponicum 'Ryozan kanaoi'(scientific name: Nipponicum 'Ryozan kan-aoi') , which start blooming at this time of year, have leaves that look like the crest of a mallow in cold weather, as their names suggest. Asarum, kan-aoi, or wild ginger (scientific name: Asarum spp.) .
In the orchid family, the brownish flowers of Tiger Orchid (scientific name:Grammatophyllum speciosum) bloom in warm rooms all year round.
In the Araceae family , Anthurium (scientific name: Anthurium) has brown flowers.
In the Poaceae family, Miscanthus sinensis or susuki (scientific name: Miscanthus sinensis) is an autumn favorite.

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