Feature Yuri Lilium (scientific name: Lilium) is naturally occurring in the northern hemisphere and is a cold-resistant bulb plant of lilies. It is a popular flower in Japan and the West. Oriental Hybrid is a group of hybrids such as Yamayuri (Lilium auratum.) And Kanoko Yuri (Kanoko Yuri, Scientific Name: Lilium speciosum) native to Japan, Oriental Hybrid, flower color many white and red and many flowers of large wheat bloom. Among them is Casablanca which makes pure white flowers bloom. Gardening cultivars include Asiatic Hybrid and Takasago Lily (Takasago Yuri). The bulb is called Lily(Yuri) and is prized for gourmet food. "It is also a flower language that praises the beauty that if you stand, it is peony root (peony medicine), you sit down, a peony, a walking figure is flower of lilies".

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