List of Lili Varieties

The lily (scientific name: Lilium) is a cold-resistant bulb plant of the lily genus, native to the Northern Hemisphere. It is a popular flower in Japan, Europe, and the United States.

Oriental Hybrid

Oriental hybrids are hybrids of Lilium auratum (mountain lily), Lilium speciosum (deer lily), and other species native to Japan. Casablanca, with its pure white flowers, is the most famous of these hybrids. There are also Asiatic hybrids and Takasago lilies (Takasago lily) as garden varieties.

Native and garden varieties of lilies

Lilium pensylvanicum, Casa Blanca,Lilium medeoloides,Lilium Oriental Group 'Bergamo,Lilium lancifolium,Lilium x formolongo etc.

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