Rhododendron genus Flower List

What is the genus Rhododendron?

The Rhododendron genus is a deciduous shrub classified in the family Rhododendronaceae. The Rhododendron blooms in April or May, after the cherry blossoms have finished blooming, with funnel-shaped flowers that have five lobes at the tip. This list includes the original rhododendron species and their garden varieties, as well as the satsuki, and more broadly, the rhododendron and azalea.

Rhododendron genus Flower's list

The following is a list of flowers of the genus Rhododendron.
Azalea(Rhododendron simsii)Rhododendron ripense、..
Alpenrose(Rhododendron ferrugineum)Rhododendron keiskei var. cordiforiaRhododendron quinquefoliumRhododendron indicum 'Hanabin'.

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